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214 Washington Street

On November 13, 2018, KFP purchased a building located at 214 Washington Street in Claremont. The building was the former home of BJ Brickers Restaurant.


A full-service restaurant, the building was sold with all of the equipment, from spoons to walk-in coolers. Everything must be cleared out in time for construction to begin the first week of December. 

But not before having a little fun while it was still a restaurant.. with it being so close to our annual company Christmas party it just seemed right to have the party there! 

Thank you to The Sumner House of Charlestown for bringing the fantastic meal to us! Presented and served by Chef Eddy Travis. 

Music and fun lasted into the late hours of the night!


Next, we turn to the business of selling a lot of restaurant equipment to community business owners. We met many wonderful talented restaurant owners in the process. 

 Dec 12 00-11-39.png

Addition completed 2019 in this space

5,200 square feet of space to develop the best possible workflow for our clinicians. Floor plan was completed giving KFP ten exam rooms!


Removal of the BJ Brickers bar area


 Just 7 days after the start of construction building was completely gutted, new walls were 70% complete!


This day we removed the sign to get accurate measurements for the new one. When putting back we reversed the BJ Brickers sign... too many people keep dropping in for lunch! 

pylon sign.png

The new sign!

With just two weeks until the completion of construction:


This was one of the existing bathrooms. completely reconfigured, change of entry location and new updates. 


Procedure exam room. 50% larger than the one on Pleasant Street. Many improvements like lighting and extensive outlets are needed. 


A view down the hallway closest to Washington Street. I took the picture from the entrance of the pediatric room. 

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