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On site Medical  Pre-employment physicals

Types of Work-Related Physicals:

Our highly-trained medical teams offer the following types of physicals at most of our locations:

1) General

2) Pre-employment

3) Physical Ability Test

4) Stress Handling Test

Types of Screenings Offered at On-Site?


Many types of physicals require additional pre-employment and
occupational medicine services, including:

• Drug screenings
• Vision testing
• TB testing (One-step, two-step) Gold Interferon 
• Labs

What Happens During a Work-Related Physical Exam?


During a work-related physical exam, a On-site/KFP  provider will check your overall health and look for possible symptoms of illness or chronic conditions that may keep you from performing the duties of your job. The tests your provider recommends will depend on the type of physical examination being conducted. You’ll review your medical health history and job information with your On-Site/KFP  provider, if applicable. Your provider will usually check:

• Vital signs – such as blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature
• Your heart – to detect possible signs of heart disease
• Your lungs – to listen for any wheezing or difficulty breathing
• Your abdomen – to check on the health of your liver, bowels, and other organs
• Your skin – skin problems can be signs and symptoms of other underlying illnesses

How to Prepare for a Work-Related Physical


Before you visit for a work-related physical or screening, please gather any paperwork from your employer as well as any medical information to bring to your visit so our providers can better understand your medical history, such as:

• Any paperwork provided by your employer, including the Employer Authorization Form for drug screening or workers’
• Valid driver’s license, state/federal/local issued ID, or employer issued badge
• List of current medications
• List of past surgeries and medical conditions
• List of any allergies

Physical Ability Test

For jobs involving a lot of demanding physical work, it is important to determine whether a potential employee can handle the work. This is where a physical ability test comes in. It measures things like grip strength, joint movement, push and pull strength and dynamic lifting

Stress Handling Test

Though a given job may not demand much physically, it can exert a lot of mental stress on employees. Employers need to know whether new recruits can handle the stress that comes with the job and still perform productively while under stress

The above are not the only tests that can be administered. An employer may request for special tests to be done depending on the type of employment. Our doctors can help you select appropriate tests for your job requirements

A quality testing program will help your company hire the right people, put in place the appropriate safety measures and ensure that work productivity remains high among employees


Price Sheet

HPE (Includes all paperwork filled out) $80
TB Testing (2 step) $35
12 Panel Drug Screening $35

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