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Clinic hours:

Monday-Friday 9am-7pm

Saturday 9am-noon

Occupational Health Services

FastMed’s occupational health services meets today’s workplace needs

FastMed OHS specializes in accessible value-driven and coordinated Worker's Comp injury services through appropriate, cost-effective care focused on return-to-work strategies for injured employees. FastMed also provides employment services and wellness programs to employees in convenient multiple locations throughout the area.


The FastMed OHS Program includes three core offerings that are customized to meet the needs of each OHS employer:

1) Worker's Comp Injury Care

2) Employer Services

3) Wellness Programs.

New Hampshire workers' compensation forms and contacts

Worker's Comp Injury Care

  • FastMed's Worker's Comp program is focused on achieving positive treatment outcomes, decreasing costs and reducing lost work time. We follow aggressive return-to-work protocols, focusing on full or modified duty to reduce lost time.

  • FastMed forges a personal partnership with you, where we communicate with you every step of the way, and we have an aggressive return-to-work plan customized for each individual employee.

  • Forging a partnership with us means convenient locations for your employees, which helps avoid employees going to the ER for non-life threatening conditions.

  • We have extensive experience with and understanding of OSHA Recordable vs. Reportable incidents, and while quality patient treatment always comes first, we understand employer challenges and concerns and work to support them.

  • We believe not just in thorough communication, but in fast communication. That's why we deliver detailed visit notes to the employer on the same day of treatment, which allows adjusters to schedule referral appointments within 24 hours of an injury being reported.

  • We effectively leverage relationships in good standing with all major insurers and TPA's to help facilitate effective and efficient care for your employees.

Employment Services

Wellness Programs



214 Washington St

Claremont, NH


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