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Policy for Changing Scheduled Appointments

Advance Notification

All scheduled appointments require 24 hours advance notice if you need to cancel or reschedule. Because of the cost incurred to KFP for appointments not made you will be expected to pay a $75 fee for all appointments canceled or rescheduled with less than 24 hours advance notice. Insurance companies do not provide reimbursement for this fee.

Weekends and Monday

Be advised that Saturday and Monday appointments require additional notification. It is required that you cancel by 9am on the Friday before to avoid fees.

Dr.Keady's Appointments

Please be advised that if your appointment is with Dr.Keady further appointment policy violations will result in forfeiture of Dr.Keady from being your primary care provider. KFP offers other providers and you will be automatically assigned to one of them in the event that you cannot keep a future appointment in accordance with our policy.

Repeated Missed Appointments

Please be advised that if you fail to keep an appointment three times in a year we will no longer be able to schedule you for any appointments. This will require you to find another PCP within 30 days from the most recent missed / rescheduled appointment. First missed evening or weekend appointment will result in only being able to schedule appointments between 9am-3pm for one year. You will have the option to keep a credit card on file with authorization to charge card for one year in place of discharge from our practice.

Unpaid Fees

Unpaid fees for missed appointments are due to be paid 30 days after receiving a statement. All unpaid fees will be placed with collections immediately after the 30 day grace period.

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