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Thank you for your interest with procuring services provided by Keady Family Practice. We are fully staffed with five ARNP’s and two MD’s as well as a support staff. Our operation has changed significantly from how we used to deliver healthcare services. Currently, we are providing most of our services outside the clinic, or utilizing telehealth services. Our mission at Keady Family Practice has always been to serve our community with the highest quality services possible. In that spirit, working in the current environment, that is more important than ever. All our resources have been dedicated to fighting the battle against COVID-19 in an effective and safe way while utilizing the most current data, technology, and resources available. If there is a need, we do everything possible to fill it.

  • We are proud to have been the first medical service provider in our community to provide COVID-19 specimen collection and testing through our partner, Quest Diagnostics Laboratory. KFP currently is the only medical service provider in Sullivan County to maintain a drive-through for many medical services, where patients do not need to leave their cars for vital treatments.


  • First in the state to provide COVID-19 antibody testing with our partner Quest Diagnostics Laboratory. At the time of this writing KFP is the only COVID-19 antibody site this side of New Hampshire.

  • First in the state to be licensed to provide on-site specimen and testing for nursing homes. Currently only National Guard is permitted to provide on-site services.

None of this would be possible without the dedicated Clinicians,Medical Assistants, and Support Staff. KFP is able to achieve first in the state services due to our exceptional staff, the research of process, protocol, and willingness to serve patients despite the high risks to themselves and their families.



  • COVID-19 specimen collection & handling, testing for COVID-19

  • Specimen collection for COVID-19, antibody

  • Drive-thru service in our Claremont location

  • On-site specimine collections and testing for COVID-19 for Nursing Homes


The above services have all been approved by New Hampshire Health Facilities Licensing and Certification at the discretion of Keady Family Practice regardless of where the individual receives primary care.


Some services mentioned above are exclusively provided by KFP and others are done in conjunction with our partners at Quest Diagnostics Laboratory. Pricing for services are customized for each facility or agency’s specific needs.

Please contact Jim Keady to schedule an assessment and subsequent pricing at or by calling 603-863-7777, then press 6.

Quest Diagnostic Laboratory Resources:

Home page for QuestQuest Diagnostics Laboratory

Find a drawing location: Patient Service Center. 

Provider ordering information can be obtained here.

General information about COVID-19 ANTIBODY TESTING

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