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What You Should Know About COVID-19

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COVID-19 NH Update

The State of NH changed the process for Phase 1B. For more information, you should go to Vaccine Information | Resources Guidelines | COVID-19 (nh.gov)

a. Here is what you do to sign up for the vaccination:

i. January 22, 2021 – go to www.vaccines.nh.gov and book an appointment IF you meet the following criteria. The site goes live on 1/22/2021.

1. 65 years of age and older

2. Medically vulnerable individuals who have 2 or more of the following health conditions:

a. Cancer

b. Heart issues: including congestive heart failure, heart disease, cardiomyopathy

c. Chronic kidney disease

d. Obesity: defined as a BMI – 30 and higher

e. COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

f. Down syndrome

g. Immunocompromised after a transplant

h. Pregnant

i. Sickle Cell

j. High-risk lung conditions i.e. pulmonary fibrosis, asthma

k. Diabetes – Type 1 or Type 2

3. Staff of residential facilities who take care of those with developmental disabilities

4. Caregiver of medically vulnerable children

5. Correction officers/staff

b. You will book an appointment online and get the vaccine at one of the State-run locations.

c. The state says to “check with your provider” before booking if you do not know if you meet these criteria. We can clarify and help you if you are unsure.


i. You do not need a letter from us. If we tell you that you meet the criteria, you can book an appointment as above.

ii. If you meet the criteria, for instance, you are 65 years and up, no need to speak with us or write to us. Please just book your appointment.

d. As of now, we will NOT have access to any vaccines.


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