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In the fall of 2011, Jim and Cecilia Keady made the decision to find office space to open a new and innovative medical practice. Jim had a past business background owning several successful companies and was currently working full time as a PE teacher for grades K-12 and Cecilia was a practicing Nurse Practitioner for New London Hospital.


Being consumers of health care themselves, Jim and Cecilia felt the primary care offices that they had experience with were far from where it should be in terms of health outcomes, customer service, access after normal business hours, and consistent long-term provider-patient relations. 


Both Keadys’ thought that they could draw from their combined business and medical experiences and create a medical practice that met every possible expectation they could think of. So with this in mind, Keady Family Practice located on Main Street in the town of Charlestown began October 1, 2012.

Having had previous business experience, Jim navigated the marketing, advertising, hiring of employees, licensing, bookkeeping, and many more day to day operational procedures. Cecilia was the only medical provider in the beginning but the business grew very fast. 


After only being open for six months, the Charlestown location went under construction to build out an additional 1000 square feet adding a lab, office, and three additional exam rooms. Before the first year was in the books KFP had to add another medical provider with 10 support staff employees.


With the departure of many primary care providers, and many patients traveling to Charlestown from long distances, Jim set his sights on another office in Newport this time. June 2014 KFP Newport opened and began providing high-quality medical services. Newport featured Quest Laboratory open daily 7:30-4:30 for the convenience of all patients from any medical practice. Another convenience added to Newport was an x-ray. This provided essential diagnostic tools to the medical providers with fast results. Jim hired a Radiologist and Technologist to get results in as little as 15 minutes. In many cases, patients leave the office knowing the results of x-rays, which previously would take a full day or longer to get elsewhere. 


Exactly twenty-seven months after Newport came Claremont, the flagship office. Centrally located between Charlestown and Newport, practices are 13 minutes apart. The Keady’s decided to update the x-ray to the newest technology and move it to Claremont. The upgrade gives KFP essentially the same capabilities as any hospital equipment. Also moving to Claremont was administrative offices and the only Lifestyle Medicine this side of New Hampshire. Special to this location is having in-house Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselors.  


The Keady’s now employ 27 medical professionals throughout their practices. Jim and Cecilia wanted to have unconventional business hours for easy access to our working customers so each office is open as late as 6:30 pm, Newport opens Friday’s at 6:00 am and Claremont every Saturday.


Future plans for Claremont include making a walk-in clinic giving patients access to services when they need it. The Keady’s are always looking for ways to improve their business and rely on the patient surveys to get new ideas. 

Jim and Cecilia are proud to have their son Andrew working full-time as practice-wide director/manager, their other son, Danny is now working part-time as a HR director.


The Keady’s are also foster parents having had 8 children cycle through their home in the past few years, currently they have adopted three foster children including a baby.


Hard work is something Jim and Cecilia have embraced both at work and home.  No challenge has proved to be too much as they push forward trying to make a difference in Sullivan County.


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